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Customer Testimonials

"You guys did a solid job and really worked with my situation.  Nice cars' work and dedication to its' customers is second to none being the best Subaru shop in Ft. Collins.  I truly appreciate what you guys did for me.  Thank you."
- Josh Pike


"The guys at Nice Car are great to deal with.  Recently I brought my vehicle there for them to polish my paint.  The communication was appreciated because I received a phone call shortly after they began work on it.  We discussed issues and Dave assured me that the outcome would be favorable.  Not only did he have my truck paint looking new again it was done the same day and Dave even did some more detail work that looked great for no extra charge.  Thanks Nice Car."

- Darin Driscoll, AMS Machine

"Having an older car I feel like I am becoming a "regular" customer.  You guys have always been fast and friendly."
- Cindy Freeman


"The service manager was very helpful.  I also referred my daughter, who had the 30,000 mile service done recently."
- Jim Hagihara


"All the guys I came in contact with - Ben, Lucas, and Dave - are just the best!  Friendly, helpful - everything they should be - and more."
- Marlene Gruner


"Just an oil change but Nice Car was great as always.  I have always been impressed since I first brought my Subaru to Nice Car."
- Jesse Dunham - Friel


"Always feel treated well. I trust your advice."
- Greg Cecil


"I have had excellent and helpful service each time I have brought the car in!  I appreciate Nice Car."
- Grace Zach


"Nice Car employees are always friendly and answer all my questions.  Problems diagnosed in a timely manner.  Repairs and customer satisfaction surpass my expections."
- Alli Kennelly


"You guys are always fast and always friendly - great work!!"
- Rick Amrhein


"You have always been "my guys" since I bought my Outback in 1999.  I feel I've always been treated fairly!"
- KA Schultz


"Staff is professional and courteous at all times, always listens to my concerns and explains what my car needed done and why.  I also think it is great that a company gives its employees Saturday and Sunday off!"
- E. Perea


"Always great service, won't go anywhere else."
- Pete Strebe

"Thank you so much!  You were so helpful, fast, and the best priced windshield replacement too."
- Heather Lewis

Google Reviews

Nice Car is probably the best auto maintenance business in CO. It's always the same guys working there, so you get to know them personally and vice versa. They explain everything they will do/did do on your vehicle, their oil change prices are great, they are fair in their business practices. I had a broken solenoid in my '08 Impreza which they said was gonna cost a few hundred bucks to replace. A few weeks later I get a call from them and they tell me they might have a way to fix the solenoid problem for less than $50. It would've benefited them greatly to not tell me about this alternative fix and banked the extra money, but because they sacrificed their personal gain to help me out with an expensive problem, they have earned my trust. I will not bring my Subie anywhere else! World class, 5 stars.
- Sam

Best Repair Shop and Honest. My Subaru's refuse to go to any other shop than Nice Car. They actually enjoy seeing the mechanics I believe. ;) And I have always been more than satisfied with their honesty, work and ethics. This group really knows a Subaru and they love them. Which makes me happy to take my precious cars to them - knowing they will get the best love and attention they deserve. It is personal - for my cars, the mechanics that know how great of a machine they are, and for me
 - Disappointed

Nice Car deserves the best business of the millennium reward. I've never been to get my car serviced in place that is so honest. The manager told me exactly what was wrong with my car and offered very good prices for what they did. I am so pleased with the work they did. And then after all the work I got done, they sent us a thank you card (that was also a free oil change!!) and brownies to our apartment!!! It made me a little teary-eyed that there is still a business so genuine.
- Emily

Nice Car has done all of the major services and fixes on our WRX and will continue to for the life of the car. They are knowledgeable, easy to work with and honest with what does and does not need to be addressed right away.

Nice car is the only shop I trust with my Outback. They know the cars really well and are very competitive on price. I usually do my own scheduled maintenance, but they were cheap enough that I had them take care of the 90k service and I will have them do my timing belt in another 2k miles. They take the time to explain what they did and things they noticed and don't pressure you to make unnecessary repairs. Very professional staff, very nice guys, you can't go wrong with Nice Car.
- Geoff 

Honest and knowledgable I bought my first Subaru a few months ago, a 1997 impreza outback sport just a little shy of 100K miles. It started making a noise and I was sure it was the clutch since the noise stopped when the clutch was depressed. Nice Car found the problem and fixed it for 40 dollars. It was simply a mis-routed cable. A different repair shop routed the speedo cable wrong and Nice Car, with to their knowledge of Subarus noticed this and fixed it right away and only charged 40 bucks. Great shop.
- Richard

 Awesome Subaru repair shop! These guys really know Subarus, inside and out. They always have had reasonable prices, and they do great work; and back it up too.
- Jared