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The Truth About Used Car Warranties

Used Car Warranties - Do you need one?

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For an EXTRA CHARGE, some USED CAR dealers will offer customers an “In-House" warranty. However, the coverage these In-House warranties offer is so limited that they are hardly worth having. Other dealers may offer what is known as an “After-Market” or “Detached” warranty. Again, you pay hundreds, or thousands of dollars extra for these type warrantees. Big national companies offer these after-market or detached warranties to used car dealers, who sell them to their customers and collect healthy commissions. It is all about the MONEY.

When (if) you actually read the disclaimers (disclaimers – words, statements and paragraphs written by lawyers, to make sure that the insurance company will NOT have to spend any of that MONEY on your car) you find that the disclaimers, written in translucent, microscopic font far out weight any implied warranty. Disclaimers often fill the entire back of each page, where as the actual “warranty” is described on the front page in one paragraph, or less..  

A typical disclaimer (as taken from an actual "Detached" warranty): An engine misfire caused by faulty or fouled ignition components and/or fuel delivery system, defective ECU, low cylinder compression, worn or broken piston or rings, worn or broken valve train components and or adjustment, exhaust and/or vacuum leaks, is considered “normal wear-and-tear” and is therefore not covered under the terms and conditions of this warranty.

I challenge anyone, experienced mechanic or not, to show me an engine misfire that is not shot down by this disclaimer. So, what is covered? Good question.

What astounds me is that these dealers want you to pay extra for this worthless legalese.

In short, Buyer-beware; read any warranty a dealer offers you thoroughly before paying. Review all disclaimers with the skepticism of a physicist viewing the merits of a cold-fusion perpetual motion machine.

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