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1/2 price for life oil change

We would rather



for advertising


OK, here’s the deal. We have been spending thousands of dollars a year to advertise Nice Car, Inc in the Dex yellow pages.  We, as a company, have come to the realization that that money would be better spent on OUR CUSTOMERS, who through WORD-OF MOUTH, are doing a much better advertising job than Dex could ever do.

WORD-OF-MOUTH is better than Dex, TV, radio and the newspapers combined. So why not pay our customers for it. So, along with free Oil Changes, Outback Steakhouse, or Movie Tickets for customers that have recommended us, we have come up with 1/2 price for life oil change

Here is how it works:

If you allow us to place a small sticker on the rear of your SUBARU, we pay you via


As long as the sticker is in good condition on the rear of your SUBARU, your oil change is HALF PRICE no mater what the current price is. For instance, AT THIS TIME, our standard price for an oil change with a genuine SUBARU filter, drain plug seal and a high quality 5W-30 oil is $38.80 with tax. Your price would be $20.46 (including tax). If the price of doing oil changes goes up, as with every thing in life, your price will always be HALF.

 ++ PLUS ++

In order to keep our customers aware of their SUBARU’s condition,

Nice Car performs the following





38 - POINT


Courtesy Inspection” during every oil change and maintenance procedures. This simple courtesy has saved many of our customers thousands of dollars in repairs by keeping those hitherto unnoticed little things from suddenly turning into very expensive BIG repairs.


To help insure we see your SUBARU often enough to catch those “little things,"

we now offer a

½ Price for Life Oil Change sticker.

CLICK here to view Courtesy Inspection