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Did YOU Know?

That it is illegal for any NEW CAR DEALER to in any way infer that you must have your scheduled maintenances performed by them in order to preserve your factory warranty.


Beware, although illegal, many dealers will still lead customers into this belief.


>>> Magnuson-Moss Act (1975) USC Title 15-Chapter 50 Section 2301-2312 <<<


Subaru - Scheduled Maintenance

Nice Car's price $ 641.22* including tax
Dealer's Prices  
$ 845.00 + tax and supplies

** Viva la Difference **

*Price may vary - depending on year, model, engine, accessories and equipment.
Example based on 2001 Subaru Legacy 2.5L manual transmission.


90,000-Mile Scheduled Maintenance

  • Inspection                   81 - point
  • Inspect                         Drive belt(s) [Except camshaft]
  • Inspect                        Camshaft drive belt
  • Change                       Engine oil Premium 5W-30
  • Install                          NEW oil drain plug gasket
  • Change                       Engine oil filter (Genuine SUBARU filter)
  • Perform                      NCM Computer Scan (check for hidden OBDII codes)
  • Perform                      Charging System Load Test
  • Perform                      Battery Load Test
  • Change                       Engine coolant and inspect cooling system, hoses and connections
  • Test                             Coolant Hydrometer Reading Noted (Boiling / Freezing Points)
  • Install                          SUBARU cooling system conditioner SOA635071
  • Change                       Fuel Filter
  • Inspect                        Fuel system, lines and connections
  • Change                       Air cleaner element
  • Change                       Spark plugs
  • Change                      Transmission/Differential (Front & Rear) lubricants (Gear oil)
  • Change                      Automatic transmission fluid*
  • Inspect / Change      Brake Fluid  * see footnote
  • Inspect                        Disc brake pads and discs
  • Inspect                        Front and rear axle boots and axle shaft joints
  • Inspect                        Brake lines and check operation brake system
  • Adjust                         Parking Brake
  • Inspect                        Clutch system (if applicable)
  • Adjust                          Clutch cable if applicable
  • Perform                      Tire - rotate and balance
  • Inspect                        Steering and suspension system
  • Top Off                        Power steering fluid

PURPLE = Additional parts and fluids supplied, and services performed by Nice Car for NO additional cost.

* Brake Fluid - Subaru suggests brake fluid be replacemed at 30 K intervals in humid environments. In dry climates such as Colorado, the fluid is inspected and changed as indicated.

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