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"It is always cheaper to maintain than to repair."


Timing Belt loop


On average, for all makes and models automobiles, the cost of maintenance, added to the cost of repair, over 150,000 miles, calculates to 33.3% less for those who do all recommended factory scheduled maintenances when they are supposed to as opposed to those who do not. For Subarus the savings are slightly higher.

The scheduled maintenance items that require service at regular intervals are shown in your  “Warranty and Maintenance Booklet." The following are typical Subaru maintenance schedules as taken from the service manuals of a 2016 SUBARU Outback 2.5L Wagon and should NOT be used without confirmation of specific details found in your  “Warranty and Maintenance Booklet."

As you study the scheduled maintenances shown below: Notice that the15K, 45K, 75K and 135K Mile Scheduled Maintenances are all the same. Notice too, that the 30K, 60K, 90K and 120K Mile Scheduled Maintenances are all the same.  Notice that the 100K Mile Scheduled Maintenance consists of a timing Belt and applicable procedural inspection only.

15,000-Mile Scheduled Maintenance

30,000-Mile Scheduled Maintenance

45,000-Mile Scheduled Maintenance


75,000-Mile Scheduled Maintenance


mile = Timing Belt

105,000-Mile Scheduled Maintenance


To interpolate farther Scheduled Maintenances at higher mileages keep in mind something is due every 15K 30K or 100K mile interval. For example:


  • 135,000 mile = 15K
  • 150,000 mile = 30K
  • 165,000 mile = 15K
  • 180.000 mile = 60K
  • 195,000 mile = 15K
  • 200,000 mile = 30K + Timing Belt
  • 220,000 mile = 15K
  • 235,000 mile = 60K
  • And so on


If for some reason you do not think your Subaru will go beyond the listed intervals, keep this in mind. At Nice Car, many of our customers have Subarus with 350,000 miles or more on them. Our record holder so far is 725,000 miles on a 1988 Loyale. All of these high mile Subys have been on time every time with scheduled maintenances, oil changes and inspections. So, don’t sell your Suby short, it will serve you well - as long as you service it well.

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Our mechanics are ASE or MASTER ASE certified technicians. Our Master has over thirty years of experience working on Subarus, which means Nice Car is the most experienced and qualified shop in Northern Colorado to work on your SUBARU!

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